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Banking Guest Lecture @ SBS

Swiss Business School welcomed Mr. Stephen Gardner, ACA, Director of Investor Relations at Credit Suisse and Mr. Richard Ernst ASCPA,  Assoc.  Director, US Settlement Execution Program at UBS.

Main topics covered were:

  • Focus on their professional experiences whilst being in Zürich, one of the major  centres of the worlds most serious  financial crisis since the great crash of 1929.
  • The role of Zurich as a strategic and  global financial hub.
  • Banking regulations i.e. FINMA, Basel II, EC and US regulations currently impacting the Swiss banking sector.
  • Ethical considerations of what defines a "good" bank manager, reasoning around moral hazard and management theories.  
  • Expectations and Opportunities for MBA graduates in the new global banking sector era following it's recent escape from Global financial Armageddon.