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7 Billion People on October 31st, 2011

Bert Wolfs, Ph.D., Dean
SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich

Following my small article by the beginning of this year, called “The Year 2011

According to  the U.N now, the key day will be October 31st. The 7th billion person will be most probably born in India, where more than half of the population is younger than 25 years.  Two billion people on this planet are younger than 18 years. If we put all 7 billion people together, we do not even fill the entire state of California. So, that the earth is too full is not true, but that demographics is a key issue for our future, no doubt about it. How to find the right balance is the challenge for our planet future. So, instead of greening and nuclear energy power, I think this is more an issue for debate and discussions. We keep it on our classes so our students are prepared for the future. Keep on having learning fun!