MSc and DBA in PMOs: The Missing Link

SBS AIPMO Education Webinar

SBS AIPMO Education Webinar

Irrespective of the strength of economies, there is increasing pressure to differentiate one professional… from another. Outsourcing, offshoring, near shoring, mobility of workers, open boarders, telecoms, cheap travel have totally changed the economics of recruitment. This is not saying teams outside the organization are more effective but it is saying that decisions are increasingly taken based on a clinical checklist than something more substantive like a person’s knowledge, trust, networks and professional impact.

PMO and project professionals may have more questions than answers. For example, why are some organizations’ basis of decision-making the same, irrespective if they are associated with the world-of-projects or the world-of-operations? Does a one-size fit all really work or is it detrimental to organizational success? Should methodologies be standardized or customized? Are outsourced PMOs more effective than insourced PMO?

There are so many why’s but so few answers. If you are looking for answers, keen to further your career, increase the impact you make on your organization and want to differentiate yourself from your peers then an MSc and/or a DBA in the field of PMOs, leadership and strategy will make that difference.

This webinar is about solving 'the missing link' and to help you take-action to achieve your personal and professional targets by being in a position of ‘understanding’.

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