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An MBA is sought after by ambitious individuals and in many organizations it is rewarded by an increase in salary and promotion. One of the most common reasons students mention for pursuing an MBA is a career change. The programs are based on a common curriculum with extensive attention placed on the fields of specialization. At SBS Swiss Business School, you will find a supportive community where each person’s interests and ideas make a difference. With a limited class size, you’re assured of receiving individual attention from our faculty and staff. We offer an academically challenging curriculum, tailored to your career goals, and numerous opportunities form learning. These attributes set our MBA program apart from others. You can design a program of study that enables you to build on your strengths and interests. The program broadens your knowledge; sharpens your business skills; and incorporates your personal, professional, and extracurricular experiences.

MBA at a glance

MBA program with three majors

Four Terms

Can be completed within 4 academic terms

Learning Outcomes


Students will demonstrate an understanding of leadership and the nature of management within organizations operating in a multi-cultural environment


Students will demonstrate a high level of global mindedness


Students will exhibit a strong civic engagement and behave ethically in their community

Department Contact Info

Master Of Business Administration

Izabela Karanfiloska
Head of Master Programs
+41 44 880 00 88
[email protected]

Flughafenstrasse 3
8302, Kloten-Zürich

Mon – Fri 08:30 – 18:00

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Course Curriculum
Tuition Fees

Specializations: International Management

  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree in the related field
  • Minimum of two years of work experience
  • English Proficiency for non-native speakers
  • Successful completion of the admissions interview
  • SBS admissions exam (when applicable)


– Applicants who do not meet the Bachelor Admission Criteria will be reviewed by the SBS Admissions Team.

– Applicants who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in the related field will be asked to successfully complete the SBS Massive Open Online Courses (so-called LEVEL UP exam) prior to entering one of the SBS Master programs.

– Applicants can transfer credits from a recognized higher education institution if for the course they have earned a grade ‘B’ or higher. 

Required documentation for the Full-Time MBA program

  • Copy of Bachelor’s degree (transcript and diploma)
  • Copy of the official Bachelor transcripts (grade sheet)
  • Complete CV and work certificates indicating professional experiences and responsibilities
  • Minimum of two years’ work experience required for the MBA
  • English proficiency test results unless previous education was conducted in English
    • TOEFL IBT 90, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
  • GMAT only applicable for U.S. Bachelor degree holders
    • A total score of 550
  • One reference letter (professional or academic)
  • Front-facing photograph, high quality in jpg/png/gif format

SBS Swiss Business School believes that graduate study should focus on both breadths of professional understanding and depth of knowledge. The core courses are required to assure an understanding of theory and research in the general areas of business administration.

To see a full list of courses and course descriptions for each specialization, please go to learn more.

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Tuition fees at SBS Swiss Business School can be paid in full or in installments according to the payment plans below.

We offer a 5% tuition fee reduction on full payment at the start of the program.

Application fee (non-refundable)CHF 150.-
Administration fee (non-refundable)*CHF 3’500.-
First termCHF 9’500.-
Second termCHF 9’500.-
Third termCHF 9’500.-

*Administration fee: CHF 3’500.-  (One-time fee, a full refund will be issued if the student visa is refused by the Swiss visa awarding authorities – official letter of rejection from the visa authorities is required)

All fees include material and VAT, amounts are stated in the local currency of Swiss Francs (CHF).

SBS Swiss Business School is incorporated in the Canton Zurich, Switzerland. The independent higher learning institution is nationally certified and institutional accredited. Our master programs are internationally accredited by the following professional accreditation bodies:

Learn more about our accreditation bodies

Annual Program Reports

Review our class and employment profiles. 


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Take A Look Inside SBS

SBS Experience Stories

  • I was searching for a challenging high level education in one of developed countries of Europe, and I was convinced to try an MBA program in order to learn more and prove my business skills in theory and practice. I choose SBS Swiss Business School as it was one of the top 10 best business schools for MBA in Europe. Professor’s ability to share their own experience in order to make students learn faster and the fact that they made the whole course look easier and full of activities. The facilities of the school were optimal and our program manager was always helpful. I would apply again for an MBA at Swiss Business School and wouldn’t regret it not for a second, even for the offered price I think it’s appropriate to the quality and excellence of the educational level

    Megi Lundra
  • On the SBS MBA program I developed a solid understanding for international finance, marketing, economics among others subjects which contributed immensely to my career development at Infrassure and to being considered for more complex roles within the organization.

    Rogerio Batista
  • I wanted to do my MBA to expand my business knowledge and network within a broader context. I choose the Flex MBA at SBS because of the close proximity and flexibility of the MBA program made it ideal to combine with a full time job and family obligations. Concentrated and laser focused on the important elements of the MBA. The monthly class’s means you have enough time to prepare even if planning and discipline is required. The education helped me elevate my thinking and broadened my view on business models and their potential implications. The Flex MBA at SBS is well-structured program with great attention given to the details to ensure a smooth execution

    Ricco Borella
  • SBS was a must to my career development. After 7 years working in the banking industry in a managerial position I started a MBA at SBS and it was definitely the right choice. The knowledge and skills I got there, the multi cultural approaches of negotiation, the global view of the market, not to mention the great friends I got there were only few of the reasons why SBS was essential to my professional and personal life. I just got the best job I could imagine in the financial markets and this course was mandatory to get this position. I strongly recommend this course to all of them who are willing to grow professionally.

    Maria Cecilia Mariz
  • Having gone through SBS’s full-time MBA, has helped me to understand how the global economy and its companies work. Now I’m helping local SME’s to become global and more innovative. SBS has provided me with the tools, knowledge and vision to do it successfully.

    Santiago Albo
  • The experience of doing a Marketing MBA at SBS Swiss Business School was excellent. The program and assignments contributed largely to my understanding of strategies and their implementation. It was a challenging and stimulating experience.

    Christiana Borjia
  • The MBA program in European Finance and Banking at SBS Swiss Business School has given me the opportunity to pursue my career objectives within the finance and banking The courses at SBS have given me the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills experience and confidence I need as a future businessperson. I would recommend highly the MBA program in European Finance and Banking offered at SBS.

    Ingi Palsson
  • In order to get business people attention, you need to be different. And I got credibility of being “different” by completing MBA studies at SBS Swiss Business School, without changing myself, just adding value from this highly international institution. But this is only the form, the “packaging”. What really matters is the enriched substance one gets from colleagues, lecturers and cases and someone else’s experiences… …and I consider myself a very rich man in that aspect.

    Dragan Petrovic
  • From the administrative staff, to the multi-cultured students, to the teachers to the dean, all contributed to my success by bringing out the best in me and by continuously infusing me with the right motivation techniques to never give up no matter how hard it got at times. They all made sure you sat in those classes to succeed. The sessions were insightful, interactive, and practical. With classes ranging anywhere between human resources and international strategic management, SBS never stopped amazing me with its fully loaded educational program.

    Alexia Iskenderian-Alex
  • Studying at SBS has been the most unique academic experience I’ve ever had. Through SBS I had the opportunity to share and learn from senior executives coming from a diverse range of international backgrounds. SBS strives to develop global business and social capabilities. Groups are keen to broaden their experience by learning from both their colleagues as well as the faculty. The MBA program prepared me to advance my career within the international arena and to approach business problems with a mix of practical as well as theoretical knowledge. It has been definitely a great experience.

    Rodolfo Mendez
  • After working at Cargolux for three years, I felt that I needed to go back to school and get my Master degree and enhance my knowledge about business and entrepreneurship. Coincidentally, thanks to my business associates, I found SBS Swiss Business School. Thereafter, I had my first interview with the Academic Dean Dr. Bert Wolfs, who told me that SBS would change my life. At first I was astonished by this comment, but now, as I am finished with my Master degrees, it has indeed changed my life. I not only expanded my knowledge in business but also learning about people, culture, openness in society and mostly my own confidence in progress in my future career. Therefore, I thank SBS and the staff for giving me this opportunity as well as encouraging me, and always being supportive in accomplishing my goals.

    Christine Rehfeldt

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