DBA Student Research

Lolwa Al Naemi

Lolwa Al Naemi

DBA in Strategy, Project Leadership and PMOs
Research topic: Defining PMO culture and its Relationship to PMO Success


Student Background

Lolwa Al Naemi is a doctoral candidate at SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland.
She holds an Executive Master of Strategic Business Unit Management degree from HEC Paris Business School and a Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Liverpool, UK.

Professional Areas of Expertise and Career Roles

Areas of Expertise

Project Management Office; Strategic Management; Corporate Planning; Stakeholder Management; Partnership and International Relations

Previous Roles

Director of Strategic Planning and Projects, Facilities and Logistics Manager, Project Manager

Doctorate Research Topic

The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Project Management Office Success

Doctorate Research Area

Lolwa’s doctorate research focuses on defining PMO cultures and investigating its relationship with PMO success to determine the extent to which the environment influences PMO success.

Research Proposal & Questions

The research questions are:
1. What are the organizational cultural dimensions of a PMO?
2. What is the relationship between organizational culture dimensions and PMO success?
3. What is the relationship between PMO cultural dimensions and PMO success?
4. What is the relationship between Project Management cultural dimensions and PMO success?
5. Does organizational culture vary in the PMO, across PMOs within the project environment, and outside of the project environment?
6. How can cultural assessment tools be used to measure organizational readiness for PMO establishment?

Research Application and expected findings:

Better understanding of the impact of cultural dimensions on PMO Success.

Next Steps

• Pre-study: literature review, Research Design, and Methodology, Implementation and findings
• Literature Revie

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning. As a working professional, the PMO DBA program will equip me with a better realization of the experiential world. Coupling both experiences (academic and professional) will enable me to create meaningful new knowledge to the field of PMO.


Personal Motivation To Enroll Into The Program

Qatar is a highly developing country with an astonishing number of megaprojects, yet the local professional field of PM and PMO is still underdeveloped. With my research degree, I aim to elevate the collective understating of the PMO field in my country for the overall goal of better project management office best practices that will lead to better project success rates.

Interesting Facts About Myself

  1. In my Undergraduate studies, I did 3 semesters in Biomedical school before shifting to Engineering school.
  2. My perfect day would start with a workout and end with reading a book.
  3. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Greece

Why SBS/AIPMO’s DBA Program?

The PMO Track DBA program with its flexible mode of delivery was the perfect combination for me, as It will allow me to fulfill my longstanding personal dream while still progressing in my professional career. The flexible mode of delivery is very convenient for me as a working professional, wife, and mother of two.