SBS Fraud Policy

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General Fraud Policy

SBS Swiss Business School will not tolerate any fraudulent behavior, and will investigate all instances of suspected fraud.

Should an investigation provide sufficient evidence to suggest that fraud has been committed, SBS Swiss Business School will refer the circumstances to the relevant authorities for the purposes of investigation and possible prosecution.

Degree and Qualification Fraud Policy

SBS Swiss Business School has a zero-tolerance policy on the fraudulent use of degrees and qualifications.

It is illegal for any person to falsely represent themselves as having received a degree from SBS Swiss Business School. According to Swiss Criminal Code Article 251, the forgery of a document is a criminal offense that can be prosecuted under criminal law and is punishable with imprisonment of up to five years or a monetary penalty per offense. SBS Swiss Business School reserves the right to file criminal charges against any individual who submits fraudulent documents in accordance with local and international laws.

Online Publication of Degrees

In order to protect the identity of our students and minimize the risk of degree fraud, it is strictly forbidden to publish copies and/or pictures of degrees obtained at SBS Swiss Business School on the internet. In case of a violation, SBS Swiss Business School will formally request the removal of the publication followed by legal actions against the offending party.