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Change Management

This Seminar explores the full chain of activities to successfully recognizing the need of, planning, doing, achieving, and sustaining the results of the change.

During two-and-half days of interactive learning, participants will acquire new skills, which will be applicable in the area of sustaining change results in both economies, the classical one of physical assets, and in the new-digital economy.

Experience with the Seminar’s group of international executives will present additional benefits for the participants.

A SBS Swiss Business School instructor, who blends Know and Know-How will guide the group. He holds a doctorate degree and has extensive expertise in the practice of managing change at both the C-suite strategic level, and the front-line delivery level.

Course Infomation

Start Date

10-12 April 2019


Dr. Grzegorz Sobiecki, DBA, MBA, MSc, Master of Applied Business Research


2,500 CHF

Topics Covered

Technical nature of change and the process approach to the change.

  • What are main attributes of the Change? Why do we recognize the scale of change: a project, a change, a transformation?
  • What are recognized processes of change and the tools of them, regarding the scale?
  • How to avoid the resistance, rather than dealing with barriers of change?

Skills in applied sociology of managing the change

  • Learning by the examples of the Real case studies.
  • Changing behaviors by G.I.I.A.: Generate experience. Integrate, Interpret, and Act.
  • How to avoid the resistance, rather than dealing with barriers of change?
  • Culture and leadership. How to diagnose and use them for the particular case? 

Stabilizing change in physical and the New-digital economy

  • Differences of the nature of change and the resistance of change in physical and digital economy.
  • Challenges of Capitalism without Capital* environment in managing change. 

Department Contact Info

SBS Executive Progam

General Inquires
+41 44 880 00 88
[email protected]

Flughafenstrasse 3
8302, Kloten-Zürich

Mon – Fri 08:30 – 18:00

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Who Should Apply?

  • Consultants & lecturers of Strategic Planning & Leading change
  • Executives with responsibility for strategic planning and/or Leading change
  • HR Professionals

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Executive Program

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