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Social Entrepreneurship: Business Model for a Better Future

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Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.

Bill Drayton


Social entrepreneurship is at the heart of debates about social change and tackling global social problems. As social consciousness grows, so has the need for organizations that have purpose and ethical business practices built into their foundations. There is also increasing impetus to integrate social purpose into corporate strategy to maintain a competitive advantage and for long-term survival. Social entrepreneurs are gaining international attention motivated by the desire for change and to see the world as it can be, not as it is. Students in the course will learn how social entrepreneurs have developed creative solutions to address social problems. The intention of the course is to develop knowledge, appreciate of the role of social entrepreneurs that create social change, deepen students understanding of the world around them, and to inspire you to use your skills and knowledge.

Our 3-day Social Entrepreneurship: Business Model for a Better future course will provide you with knowledge about social entrepreneurs and how they are creating solutions to address societal problems, learn how to develop creative solutions to address social problems, and empower you to see social entrepreneurship as a force for social change.

This certificate course counts towards the Diploma in Advanced Management.

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2,950 CHF*


25 Aug – 27 Aug 2023


Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding social problems

  • Define the concept of social entrepreneurship
  • Identify the main drivers of change in social entrepreneurship in the social and political environments
  • Articulate the opportunities for social entrepreneurship in relation to the drivers of change

 Module 2: Becoming a social entrepreneur

  • Analyze how organizations can be generators of social impact
  • Assess how entrepreneurial tools and skills can be used to address social problems
  • Draft a Business Model Canvas

Module 3: Business models for social entrepreneurship

  • Identify social entrepreneurship business models
  • Choose a business model for a social entrepreneurship idea
  • Analyze the suitability of a business model for an organization
  • Justify a social entrepreneurship business model for a particular business idea

 Module 4: Funding for social entrepreneurship

  • Determine the different characteristics and constraints of traditional funding sources
  • Investigate the nuances of innovative funding sources
  • Assess pitching techniques
  • Present a pitch designed to obtain funding for your social entrepreneurial idea

 Module 5: To profit or not to profit: Choosing your organizational form

  • Articulate the differences between organizational forms
  • Contrast standard organizational forms with hybrid organizational forms
  • Analyze the benefits and challenges of different organizational forms
  • Decide on and justify an appropriate organizational form for a social entrepreneurship idea

Module 6: Measuring social impact

  • Articulate the importance of social impact in social entrepreneurship
  • Show how the Theory of Change relates to impact and the evaluation lifecycle
  • Analyze key elements of an evaluation report
  • Recommend key criteria for determining how social impact can be measured
  • Design an impact evaluation plan



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