Mission and Vision

Our Mission

SBS Swiss Business School is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and student achievement at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level in business management. Its mission, therefore, is to provide students with a strong academic foundation using andragogical learning to develop problem-solving skills and, with access to variously specialized knowledge bases, to prepare them to become productive, competent professionals and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global environment.

It defines higher education as the experience of thinking internationally. To do this it maintains a multi-cultural student body on its home campus along with its international centers.

For SBS the international component is of paramount importance. It is designed to accommodate significant changes in the curriculum and variations in the student body in response to global shifts in social, political and economic conditions. The result is a singular learning experience gained from a cross-cultural, highly European, international perspective. In addition to its cross-cultural intent, it provides students with an interactive educational environment with a dynamic mix of innovative and traditional strategies. We foster enhanced teaching, professional developments and service.

Our Broad-Based Goals

 In order to carry out the above mission SBS strives to accomplish the following five goals:

  • Foster academic excellence and student achievement on the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • Encourage appropriate student behavior, ethics and attitudes which reflect the multi-national global understanding and lifelong learning.
  • Create an educational environment and learning community that fosters excellence in teaching and applied research.
  • Create a strong bond between SBS and the diverse local and global organizations which they serve through partnerships, outreach activities and communication to all stakeholders.
  • Promote business and industrial development through our academic achievements for our foreign entities.

Our Vision

SBS Swiss Business School aims to become Switzerland’s leading Business School, recognized for its innovative contributions to business and management as well for its accomplished and dedicated faculty in a multi-national-cultural environment.

Our Core Values


Life Long Learning






Responsibility for quality programs


Nurture talents for the new economy

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