Mission and Vision

Our Mission

SBS Swiss Business School is dedicated to foster academic excellence and student achievement on all educational levels in business management. Its mission, therefore, is to provide students with a strong academic foundation using an andragogical learning philosophy to develop problem-solving skills and, with access to various specialized knowledge bases, to prepare them to become productive, competent professionals and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global environment

Our Broad-Based Goals

 In order to carry out the above mission SBS strives to accomplish the following five goals:

  • Foster academic excellence and student achievement on all educational levels
  • Improve the institutional effectiveness
  • Increase our applied research productivity and impact
  • Ensure further institutional growth and community engagement
  • Ensure financial and sustainable stability

Our Vision

By the end of 2024, SBS will be a recognized business school that advances and applies knowledge, provides excellence in life-long learning opportunities for students and for the sustainable Zurich Airport region, Switzerland and the world.

Our Core Values


Life Long Learning






Responsibility for quality programs


Nurture talents for the new economy