Strategy & Sustainability

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The course focuses on identifying and understanding the sources of superior firm performance. This course introduces theoretical concepts and frameworks useful for analyzing the external and internal environment of the firm, and guiding the formulation, execution and control of different types of strategies. Strategic issues are examined from the perspective of a CEO or GM, focusing on how he/she formulates effective strategies with competitive advantages in a global and volatile business environment. 

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding in theory and practice of building competitive advantage, managing the boundaries and expanding the scope of organizations
  • Applying multiple research paradigms in gaining deeper understanding of the course topics.
  • Solve problems in a business context and present the results
  • Respect and appreciate multiple perspectives in Strategy theory and practice
  • Formulate different generic strategies and defend their choice
  • Analyze different tools used in planning, formulation and evaluation
  • Plan and construct a business plan