Services Marketing

Course ID
MKT 340
ECTS Credits

This course will provide students with the fundamental understanding of the principals of marketing within the services industry.  There are certain variances between marketing in a service environment and a product environment and these will be discussed at length throughout this course.  This course will also help the student(s) to better understand the challenges of competing in the challenging and competitive service industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the concept of services marketing compared to marketing manufactured goods
  • Identify distinctive aspects of services marketing and describe the consumption of services
  • Recognize and apply the 8 Ps of services marketing
  • Create a meaningful value proposition – provide a suitable product at the right place and time, at a fair price to recover costs, communicate and educate effectively (communications strategy), and position the value proposition in the market against competitors
  • Blueprint service design and manage customer interaction – process, physical environment and people
  • Explain how to implement service strategies – develop and maintain customer relationships as well as improve productivity and quality, including change management
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