Negotiation Skills | 5th semester

Course ID
MGT 310
ECTS Credits

Negotiation and negotiation skills are key to all parts of the business world. This is a special form of communication that requires a very specific skill set. Beyond the world of “buying and selling”, everyone negotiates for a variety of reasons; project deadlines, human resource allocations, service delivery specifications, improved support or increased budget allocation.

This skills training course will provide students with support and guidance on how to employ practical skills to conduct win-win negotiations. 

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Grasp essential factors in negotiation
  • Understand the key skills and processes necessary for successful negotiations
  • Understand complex multi-party negotiations
  • Understand how people manipulate and know the ways to counter
  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of cultural dimensions
  • Identify cross-cultural factors impacting the negotiation process and adapt appropriately

Demonstrate understanding of group dynamics and its impact on the negotiation process