Mergers and Acquisitions

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ENT 340
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All transactions begin with the spark of an idea. Translating that idea into a concrete proposal takes hard work. Doing so teaches a lot about the drivers of M&A success, and the elements of deal design. We will survey some strategic frameworks useful in M&A and the steps necessary to translate a concept into a solid proposal.

The key aim of any business school education should be an ability to think critically, to form a “view” of events and circumstances. Training in M&A should settle for nothing less. We will review a framework about deal design, and apply it to several cases.

We will survey a number of analytic tools, and then exercise them and your negotiation skills in a simulated negotiation. Undo the bold here

Learning Outcomes:

This course will blend the delivery of concepts and practical tools to help the student to learn how to:

  • Develop a concept and present a proposal for an M&A transaction
  • Form an opinion about a proposed deal
  • Design a deal