Leadership for Digital Transformation | Module

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Digitization is a signature of our time. It offers almost unlimited opportunities for firms, public authorities and citizens. At the same time, it makes a steamroller of existing markets, organizations, and technologies, causing deep societal challenges. Digital leadership relies on capability to navigate the competing concerns of digitization, but also to actively orchestrate digital innovation processes. The aim of the course is to provide individuals and organizations with such capability from five distinct perspectives; technological change, value creation, organizing, market logic, and strategy. The overall purpose of the course is to give students a deep understanding of how digitization transforms society and to develop capabilities for taking a leading role in embracing and shaping this transformation. In doing so, the course offers a broad theoretical foundation for understanding contemporary phenomena, it provides methods and techniques for analyzing the implications of digitization, and it supports students in developing practical skills to deal with change in complex environments.

Upon completing this session, the reader should be able to:

  • Undertake a digital disruption landscape analysis for their organization; the opportunities and threats presented.
  • Set up a digital and social media listening system.
  • Develop an agreed Digital Strategy for their organization.
  • Agree the core business objectives, goals and targets to be achieved.
  • Identify the key digital initiatives to be implemented and an ‘Action Plan’ for getting there.
  • Agree the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics and analytics to be used in measuring digital performance, business impact and ROI.
  • Ensure that all key success factors have been considered.
  • Establish your personal brand as a Future Digital Leader.