Information Systems

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Undergraduate ACC BBA
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This course covers emerging online technologies and trends and their influence on the electronic commerce marketplace. Students will learn various revenue models and how to market on the Web. Next, the course covers online auctions and various legal and ethical issues. Students will learn about important security issues, such as spam and phishing, their role in organized crime and terrorism, identity theft, and online payment fraud. The course will involve lectures, readings, cases and discussions. The course consists of two primary components: business informatics (technology) – the study of the emerging technologies and electronic commerce management in the context of business organizations and development informatics –These components embrace topics including Electronic business; Mobile commerce; Social media and Web 2.0; ICTs for development; Technology and Gender; Technology and Society. The course will examine the theoretical underpinnings of the competitive advantage of electronic commerce, change management, information systems development process (the life cycle concept) and the practical and policy aspects of electronic commerce planning and electronic commerce strategies.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze the business issues, processes, and techniques associated with organizational information systems;
  • Assess and explain electronic commerce issues surrounding the adoption of information technology;
  • Explain basic concepts about electronic commerce development, implementation and review; and
  • Write a technical report on findings from a case study on the use of electronic commerce in business and society.