Human Resource Management | 3rd semester

Course ID
MGT 209
ECTS Credits

This course will enable students to develop short and long-range plans to effectively accomplish organizational goals. Through the use of terminology, exercises and case studies, students will be able to give a critical appraisal of real life situations involving organizing, staffing and motivating others. The student will also learn tools to aid in problem solving, valuing diversity and coping with change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Insight into the evolving role of strategic HRM in today’s organizations
  • Awareness of the importance of business ethics in HRM
  • Insight into how workforce diversity provides an opportunity for management
  • Understand job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment (including Internet recruiting), and selection
  • Understand of performance appraisal and its role in performance management
  • Awareness of the importance of HRD (training and developing) for employees at all levels
  • Appreciation of how compensation and benefits programs are formulated and administered
  • Appreciate the global dimension of HRM