Foreign Language | 2nd semester

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FRL 105
ECTS Credits

Students will focus on the enhancement of vocabulary, on the use of more complex grammar structures and on confident conversations in everyday contexts.

Speaking, listening, reading and writing will be practiced alternately. Grammar will be explained but there is also strong focus on communication. Different media such as books, CDs, films, podcasts and simple newspaper articles will be used. On the first day students will take a study level entry test and individual goals will be set depending on their actual level of German.

Two hours in class and four hours of home study are expected to pass the course. Students will take three cumulative exams throughout the course and attendance, as well as 10 assignments, will contribute to the final mark.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to communicate in areas such as neighborhood, invitations and social events, career, sport and fitness, school and education. They will be able to understand and communicate about topics related to everyday life in a more fluent way. The students who actually hold the B1 level of German will be prepared for the external TELC B1 exam. Students who have passed the B1 test and hold the certificate will be exempt from attending class.