Digital Marketing

Course ID
MKT 506
ECTS Credits
Lecture, Online

Digital Marketing can be defined as the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. Digital technology has changed how consumers search for information, interact with each other, and buy products. The popularization of these technologies has made it possible for companies to have a better understanding of their customers’ decision journey and subsequent word-of-mouth recommendations. Digital marketing requires a new approach to reach and engage consumers.

Core elements of digital marketing include: Search Engine Marketing / Optimization, Key Word Analysis, Consumer Response Analytics, Management of Websites, On-Line Content, Display Response Advertising, Mobile Marketing.

Broader framework of digital marketing encompasses a vast ecosystem: Infomediaries, Commerce Platforms, Social Networks, Messaging Services.

Digital technology has enabled quantum leap in capabilities across the marketing spectrum in such areas as CRM, Big Data Mining/Analysis, Market Research, Crowdsourcing, IoT, Payment Systems, Promotional and Media.

To address these developments, marketing strategy must be adapted to reflect the potential offered by the advance of digitalization. Regulatory frameworks are evolving to adjust to the new digital reality. Consumer behavior is being altered in fundamental ways.

The course consists of 3 days of formal class instruction and home study exercises to provide students with an overview of the principles and application of digital marketing.

  • Interactive lectures will address the principles and practices of digital marketing.
  • Practical workshops will provide students with the opportunity to understand how the mechanisms of digital marketing actually work.
  • Discussion forums providing opportunity for co-creation and critical appraisal of theories and models that underpin international marketing strategy.
  • Quizzes will provide participants with the opportunity to test their grasp of the key issues related to digital marketing.
  • The course will be delivered by a course facilitator, technical lead and selected guest speakers, both directly and via webinar.