Company Visits and Seminars | 2nd semester

Course ID
COV 105
ECTS Credits

This course seeks to add an additional dimension to the student’s learning and understanding of business practice through guest speakers and subject matter experts who have agreed to share their experiences, thoughts and knowledge; as well as through visiting companies, facilities and organizations who are engaged in various methods, modes and means of business. As a student output of these events, they may be required to produce a report about their experiences and observations along pre-defined lines of questioning and reasoning. These reports and assignments, along with the student’s attendance, constitute their grade for this course.

Learning Outcomes:

Guest Speaker Events

  • Gain in-depth information and understanding of a specific organization, personality, behavior, that may benefit their personal, academic or professional progress

Company Visits

  • Acquire a deeper appreciation and understanding of a specific organization, industry, or process
  • Apply and contrast lessons taught in the classroom with observations and practices in the workplace
  • Where relevant, analyze discrepancies between observed actions and taught behaviors
  • Synthesize and evaluate an organization along a number of dimensions as prescribed by the Course Leader
  • Produce a report, in an academic format, addressing issues put forth through primary and secondary research