Cases in Finance | 2nd semester

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Undergraduate ACC BBA
ECTS Credits

By employing a case study approach focusing on complex problems, students gain a deeper understanding of corporate forecasting, capital budgeting, cost of capital analysis, and the financing of capital investments. The impact of financial decisions on strategic investment completes the course.

The course combines a theoretical approach to the understanding of finance with examples of how this theoretical knowledge is applied in practical situations. Through such key concepts as costs of capital, term structure of interest rates, capital budgeting, optimal capital structure, and maximization of shareholder value, students learn the analytical techniques necessary to make ratioal financial decisions.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and successfully use the appropriate financial tool(s) in analyzing data
  • Perform financial analysis by applying relevant formula and models
  • Critically evaluate the financial decisions of selected cases
  • Process financial theory and apply to practical situations
  • Develop solutions to case studies involving complex variables.