The atmosphere of the football event in Switzerland – EURO ’08 can be noticed also at SBS Swiss Business School. Last week, June 9, 2008 at SBS Swiss Business School was organized a drawing from a database of new applicants and just accepted people. The lucky winner was Mr. Alejandro Hernandez. He won a ticket...
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When Swiss International Airlines Ltd. has to rent aircraft including the crew from other airlines (so called “wet lease-in”), the department of Quality and Risk Management (OSQ) plays a vital role in the assessment process of potential leasing partners. 
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Beath Bühlmann
At times of Globalization and an increased pressure on saving costs, you’ll be confronted increasingly with so called “Virtual  Teams”.  Such teams offer much more than just cost savings.  With the right management,  a virtual team can bring significant competitive advantages, despite their complexity.
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