DBA Student Research

Aiysha Alnuaimi

Aiysha Alnuaimi

DBA in Strategy, Project Leadership and PMOs
Evaluating the Impact of Project Manager’s Culture and Different Team Conflict Types on Project Success


Student Background

Aiysha Alnuaimi is a doctoral candidate at SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland.
She holds a specialized Master Degree in Strategic Business Unit Management From HEC Paris and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Qatar University.
Aiysha is a Certified Cost Engineer Accreditation from AACEI. And a member in RICS and has more than 12 years of experience in project management of different sectors, e.g. Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Construction, and Buildings.

Professional Areas of Expertise and Career Roles

Areas of Expertise

Project Commercial Management; Change Management; Business Strategic Consulting. Arbitration, Claims & Disputes Management.

Previous Roles

Senior Cost Control Manager with 10 years’ experience in Project’s Commercial Management. I have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills with extensive knowledge in cost management and project’s commercial activities. I can develop and streamline processes, interact with all levels of the organization.

Professional Certifications

CCE – Certified Cost Engineer by AACEI
Engineering Expert at Supreme Justice Court in Qatar
Arbitrator Registered at Qatar International Center of Conciliation and Arbitration

Professional Affiliations

RICS (Royal Insititute of Chartered Surveyors)

Doctorate Research Topic

Evaluating the Impact of Project Manager’s Culture and Different Team Conflict Types on Project Success

Doctorate Research Area

Aiysha’s research area is in conflict management and to prove the theory that conflict can have a positive impact on project success. In this regard, it can be argued that an organizational and project management culture must be developed which is able to deal with the conflict and promote it effectively among the project team, which could ultimately have positive impacts on the project’s success. The research challenges the theory that team harmony always leads to success and attempts to provide evidence to propagate the theory that conflict is also necessary for project success.

Research Proposal & Questions

1) What is the impact of constructive conflict on project success?
2) What is the impact of destructive conflict on project success?
3) What is the impact of relationship conflict on project success?
4) What is the impact of task conflict on project success?
5) What is the impact of process conflict on project success?

Research Application and Expected Findings:

The aim of this research is to evaluate whether project manager’s culture and different team conflict types can improve or lead towards project success using conflict dynamics model to identify different team conflict types, project types and produce conflict resolutions.

Next Steps

– Refine research questions and define the variables of the research.
– Write the research proposal and validate it with the supervisor
– Carry out in-depth literature review
– Select the research methodology
– Prepare a timeline for the research plan

Earning a DBA degree will increase my chances for professional growth through opening multiple career paths in academic and business settings And, being armed with the right credentials, technical skills, and highest levels of hard work and commitment to continual learning will help me in succeeding on both levels: personal and professional.

Interesting Facts About Myself

I have a very active and outgoing personality, I like to travel to new places and experience new things and get to know the different cultures and their traditions. Also, I like to volunteer in charity programs to fight global poverty and enable people to survive, recover, and rebuild their lives.

Why SBS/AIPMO’s DBA Program?

The program’s innovation approach offered me the chance to detail and challenge my perspective with renowned researchers and gave me the opportunity to explore and contribute knowledge to PMO which is an area am interested in. This program will give me the opportunity to reflect on my own current management practices and explore current development in research and leadership strategic thinking.