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Board of Trustees

Craig Shoemaker

Marijana Karanfiloska

Bert Wolfs

Ebby Eapen

Wim Desmedt

Johny Granges

Trustees Emeriti

Charles Mercieca

Andreas Wettstein

Graham Arnold

Porpan Vachajitpan

Abel G. Aganbegyan

Robert Goetze

Duties of the Board

The Board of Trustees selects and evaluates the SBS Honorary President, and adopts strategic policies, priorities and plans to direct the operation of the Institution. The Board does not make specific operational decisions or approve operational rules; these decisions are made by the SBS Honorary President and those to whom he or she delegates authority.

Specific complaints or grievances are handled by the SBS Honorary President, not the Board.

The Board develops the institution's basic priorities. Long-term goals and priorities are stated in Board Policy, and the Board reviews and approves the plans to achieve them in the annual budget and the annual review and adjustments of the Strategic Plan. In addition to the "what to do" priorities, Board policy also specifies a set of "what to not do" priorities in areas such as purchasing and employee relations.


The founders are elected for lifetime.
All other members are elected for 7 years, with maximum 2 terms possible


The Board of Trustees meets twice a year, before the yearly graduation and mid-April.

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